3 Common Misconceptions About Being a

Full Time CrossFit Coach

Well, it’s been 30 days. One month being your General Manager. One month since I left my office job of 4 years and completely changed my path. I would say it has been 10% growing pains and 90% FREAKING AWESOMENESS. I’m honored to work next to and with such amazing creatures. I have learned a ton, and the info just keeps rolling in, but here are 3 of the main truths I have discovered over the past month.

Myth 1. You’re at a gym all day, so you get to work out all day. 

Real Life: There are SO many other things going on behind the scenes! News flash! This is a full blown business! Our members get the warm fuzzy family feels (oh – and you know – great work outs and amazing coaching) when they come in, but on the back end there are bills, scheduling conflicts, marketing, several computer programs, phone calls, follow ups and SO MANY STICKY NOTE REMINDERS! Respect the biz, guys, there’s more going on than meets the eye. And if your gym owner comes across a little distracted one day, cut them some slack! (Or give them a quick hug & some caffeine!)

Myth 2. You’ll probably get sweaty, but if there’s a shower there, you can get clean. 

Real Life: My nails will never. Ever. Be clean. Ever again. Multiple hand washes, mid day showers, intermittent sanitizer applications… If you’re in the gym, some part of you is dirty. And trust me, our gym is cleaner than your guest bathroom when the in-laws are visiting. If I’m dirty, so is everyone else working at a gym. And I’m okay with that.

Myth 3. The best thing about this job is not being in an office all day. 

Real Life: After almost two decades of working in small, stuffy offices, I was excited to “work” in my favorite place to be – the gym – with giant bay doors, sunshine and fresh air. But what quickly became clear to me, is that the very best part of being here is not the lack of cubicles, it’s the presence of the breakthroughs. 

My silent goal each day is that at least ONE athlete learns and/or accomplishes something new. Teaching someone something new is rewarding, but the ultimate feel-good is getting to be part of that “ah-ha” moment. When something clicks, and something I say or do breaks through and they UNDERSTAND, I feel a sense of accomplishment like I’ve never experienced before. When they nail the movement, or hit that lift, get a new PR, or get closer to their goal, and I see it happen, or even better, IF I HAD A PART IN GETTING THEM THERE… that feeling is absolutely addictive. So, when I thought that freedom, fresh air and gym clothes would be the bonus, it turns out it was really YOU GUYS, our amazing athletes.

So that’s it, those are the 3 “myths” about being a CrossFit coach. I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog! If you did, you can show your appreciation by coming in ready for some breakthroughs of your own!

Thanks for reading,